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Corporate University Readiness for Accreditation

Assessing learning and development practices in fulfilling the criteria of global standards of corporate university and supervising the implementation of corporate university for accreditation process.

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Steps towards Corporate University (CU)

Our clients operate at different stages of Learning and Development (LnD) to improve employees capabilities. The scopes and scales are different at stages shared below:

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The Criteria of Corporate Learning Institutions 

Each of Corporate Learning Institution has its own criteria, and assessment and accreditation will cover these criteria. 


The Dimensions of a Corporate University

To be a Corporate University, one needs to obtain the five Dimension of Corporate University


Our Consulting Services to Prepare Corporate University for Accreditation

Learning Resources offers a comprehensive service aimed at assisting organizations in evaluating their practices to ensure alignment with the standards of a global corporate university through a series of enhancement programs. Additionally, Learning Resources will oversee the implementation of the accreditation process

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