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Certification Organizational Learning Technologist

Certifying Learning Consultants, Learning Designers, Learning Facilitators and Corporate University Management Team to enable them working based on the principle of Learning Value Chain (LVC)​.

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Organizational Learning Technologists (OLT) as the Pillars of Corporate University

A highly standardized Corporate University (CU) should consist of three main strategic functions, called Organizational Learning Technologists (OLT), that engineer the learning process of every employees in order to answer business needs and future demands of the organization.


Roles and Responsibilities of Organizational Learning Technologist

Key Roles and Responsibilities of OLT derive the standard of work and proficiencies of the three functions to implement the learning operating model that support organizational business objectives and cultural transformation.


Organizational Learning Technologist (OLT) Certification Modules

Each OLT module is conducted in a five-day program with Action Learning Projects which should be presented to the assessors by the end of the certification programs. 

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