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Strategic Alignment

Leading and facilitating multi-stakeholders workshop on organizational decision-making process to produce strategic corporate directions as point of reference for the entire management team.

Strategic Alignment in Organization: Business Needs

There were several cases where our clients need our facilitation services to align the strategic policies, implementation and across-company sync work to increase business

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Transitioning Family Business into Professional Business

Fine-tuning strategic decision-making process and way of working from family-owned business into professional business setting

Translating Global Initiatives into National Business Strategies

Putting global initiatives into the local context through internal alignment process as well as with key stakeholders including market, customers lifestyle and regulators

Cocreating Corporate Vision, Mission and Strategies

Allowing participants to build up the corporate vision, mission and strategies, that will increase the sense of ownership of the leaders in the company

Corporate Culture and Values Alignment

Setting and cascading the corporate  working cultures and values throughout  the entire organization

Aligning Corporate Strategy with Key Stakeholders

Allowing adjustment and alignment between corporate plan with key stakeholders such as  agencies, vendors, suppliers, distributors, etc.

Implementing Corporate Strategic Plan

Cascading the corporate strategic plan to every directorates and aligning the implementation across functions in the company

Facilitating Strategic Alignment

There are key processes conducted by facilitator in managing the dynamics of discussions during Strategic Alignment meetings

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Learning Resources Service to Strategic Alignment

Learning Resources provides end-to-end service of the workshop, starting from earliest assessment to the comprehensive  reports with high-level recommendations

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