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Learning Strategy & Consultancy

Aligning learning composition to business strategy that allows leaders and employees striving towards continuous transformation endeavor of the organization

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Leading and facilitating multi-stakeholders workshop on organizational decision-making process to produce strategic corporate directions as point of reference for the entire management team

Series of initiatives in assisting organization to translate values into key behaviors, design and deliver cascading process throughout the organization, measure the impact to customer and employee engagement

Designing learning strategy and pathways for critical roles to equip employees with comprehensive capabilities in achieving business goals of the organization

Assisting experts of the organization to transfer the tacit into explicit and documented knowledge, available to be utilized by employees as the basis for problem solving and decision-making process

Organizational Culture Activation

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Customer Research & Study

Conducting surveys and studies through Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to assess customers’ loyalty and expectations towards the organization as well as measure the capability of the organization to fulfil the expectations 

Learning Anytime Anywhere

Composing and curating critical knowledge in the form of brief and focused learning content that can be accessed anytime anywhere as job-aid to employees in the changing organization

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