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Strategic Facilitation

Aligning minds to maximize the impact of the vision, mission, and strategy

Facilitating for Impact
Method to achieve clarity of vision, mission and strategy
Organizations today are constantly looking for clarity in chaos
Our strategic facilitation services provide the guidance and structure that organizations need to find their way forward. Our facilitators lead high level discussions between senior management to define the organization's strategic direction, vision, mission, values, and behaviors.
These discussions are designed to be inclusive, engaging, and productive, ensuring that all voices are heard and that everyone is aligned around the organization's goals.

Our facilitators bring a wealth of experience and expertise to these discussions, helping organizations to identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and find their "north star" to confidently navigate the challenges ahead
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Mastering Facilitation™ is a program designed especially for executives in organizations ready to create changes. The program is designed to be practical, spot on and bring practical approach for the executives to facilitate the changes they aspire to happen in the organization. Our Master Facilitator, Victor Chandrawira, has dedicated his entire career to helping companies focus on their vision and goals, grow their businesses as well as to embrace change. Through a unique and customized facilitation method, he has become a reliable professional facilitator to many multi-national and local organizations in helping them to promote internalization, collaboration, as well as to adopting an open and forward-thinking mindset.
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